Good Morning,                                                                                                                  9-25-16
Another week has passed us by and we are starting the fall golf season.  The rainfall has limited the amount of play this month.  Our revenue is down in comparison to the average in past years.  I have seen a few new faces, coming through the doors, taking advantage of the all day golf and a cart special.
I have received a few questions in regards to the tee boxes.  These were sprayed to eliminate the crabgrass a few weeks ago.  The crabgrass is gone and the thin spots will eventually fill in these areas.  There is no need to be alarmed, they will bounce back and be in great shape.
There is a lot of standing water on 17 tee area from the high water table.  I have cleaned the tiles and done a lot of work to remedy this problem area.  I plan on pumping water from 16 sand traps into the existing tile line.  Hopefully this will help along with the possibility of additional tile.
We have been working on another memorial bench area at number twelve tee.  This bench is in memory of John McKiernan.  I finished the landscaping work and the street division helped us with the concrete pad.  The granite bench should be ready in a couple weeks.  It is a beautiful area and I am sure John would be thrilled with the end result.
That is a wrap on another week at the golf course.  They are going by fast and the season will be gone before we know it.  Please contact me with any comments, questions, or concerns.  Enjoy the rest of the weekend!

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