Good Morning,
This past week the greens were fertilized with a granular 18-9-18 for the fall application.  There will be one last fungicide application, made to the greens, prior to the closing of the close.  The fertilizer application will give the turf some strength approaching the winter months and the fungicide application will help prevent snow mold.
The golf course is in very nice shape as we reach the midway point of October.  I am pleased with the condition of the golf course during the 2016 golf season.  It can be challenging when you battle so many weather conditions.  I am proud of the staff for all their hard work and dedication to the golf course.
Our clubhouse staff has also done a great job this season.  It’s not always easy to deal with customers having a bad day.  The staff always deals with challenging situations with a lot of class and dignity.  I am thankful for all their time and heart they put into their job in the clubhouse.
It definitely takes a lot of teamwork to have a successful work environment and produce a great product for the public.  We are all fortunate to have these employees, mostly as second jobs, making the Spencer Municipal Golf Course a success.
The tree spade engine is currently being replaced at the street department.  I am hopeful it will be finished early in the week and I can try tackling the trees at Graham Tire.  I am excited to get these trees moved and make them a part of the golf course landscape.  Surely the second attempt has to go smoothly….
I attended the final SUFTA training session this past week.  The topic was proper pruning of trees as well as the appropriate times to complete the task.  The tree inventory information was also given to the Iowa DNR so they can start preparing the final report.  This report will be presented to the city council in a few months.
It looks like we still have some nice weather this coming week.  Hopefully the golf course will have a steady flow of golfers and we can continue to complete some fall projects.
Please contact me with any comments, questions, or concerns so they can be addressed in a timely manner.

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