Good Morning,
What a beautiful week it has been at the golf course.  Gorgeous weather enjoyed by the golfers for one more week.  The course is looking great as we near the end of the season.  The fall fertilizer applications have all the turfgrass in very nice shape.
The staff and I were able to move the trees from the Woodcliff intersection.  The three Amur Maples were transplanted to the area between number one tees and number 18 approach.  They will help provide some protection to the golfers teeing off on the first hole.  Two crabapple trees were moved between number one and number 18 tees for the same purpose.
We continued to water and fertilize the transplanted trees.  There have been a total of 30 trees and shrubs moved onto the golf course property.  They are beautiful additions and I look forward to the trees blossoming into the future.
Speaking of trees, Delray Bredehoeft has filed a tree grant, for the golf course, with Black Hills Energy and Trees Forever. These grants have provided quite an inventory of trees, in the parks department, over quite a number of years.  The grant is asking for 70 trees to be awarded to the golf course.  Time will tell our success and I thank Delray for his work on this possibility for the golf course.
Once again the water was pumped from the sand traps on number 16 with minimal success.  We sent the water to the surface drain between 17 tees.  The water table is so high it eventually filled back in with water.
Several irrigation leaks were repaired over the past week.  They sometimes look like a huge mess but they are generally pretty simple fixes once the irrigation pipe is exposed.  There are still a couple of repairs that need to be completed once the irrigation system has been blown out and winterized.  This will take place early next week.
The original plan was to close the golf course on November 6, but the change in the forecast will keep the course open until the end of next week.  I will play it by ear but most likely will close by the end of Friday.
I will be out of town, this weekend, for firefighter training.  Please feel free to contact me with any questions, comments, or concerns so they can be addressed in a timely manner.  I will see each of you at the respective meetings Monday evening.

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