Good Morning,
The irrigation system was winterized at the beginning of the week.  Two air compressors are used to blow the system out.  First, the main lines are cleared of all water, then I go through station by station blowing out the lateral lines.  There was difficulty with the compressors, but we pushed through and finished the job.
We were also able to make quite a few irrigation repairs.  When I blow out the irrigation system it allows me to inspect every line and head.  I documented and flagged any trouble areas throughout the course.  Several canisters were cracked, heads damaged, and pipes cracked on the lateral side of the line.  Almost every repair was completed this week.  That should give us a jump start on the spring start up process.
The trees and shrubs have continually been watered and root stimulator is added to the tanks.  They are in very nice shape heading into the winter months.  I will continue to water them on the warmer winter days.  I am excited to see them all blossom in the spring.  It will be a great addition to the golf course.
I have started the golf course inventory process.  All inventory in the clubhouse and maintenance facility is recorded on a Google spreadsheet.  This is used for insurance purposes as well as asset tracking throughout the year.  I will be completed next week.
The week started with some beautiful sunshine and warm weather.  A great time to play golf this late in the fall.  The week came to an end with bitterly cold temperatures, high winds, rain, and some snow.  The end of the golf season has arrived.
It was a beautiful fall that allowed us some great golf days with minimal wind the majority of the time.  Most of the end of season projects were completed and now the inside maintenance work begins.  Thank you to everyone from my staff, to the golfing public, other city departments, city staff, mayor, council, golf board, and many others for making it another successful golf season at the muni!
I am going to be taking some time off over the next two weeks to relax and try to unwind after the long year.  Most likely, I will work half days for the next couple of weeks.  I will still attend any meetings at city hall and can be reached by my cell phone at any time.  I hope you all have a great Thanksgiving!

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