Good Morning,
I hope each of you has enjoyed your Thanksgiving weekend with family and friends.  The weather has been beautiful and leads me to reminding everyone the golf course is still closed for the season.  The freeze thaw cycles the turf experiences during these weather patterns can lead to turf damage with a lot of foot traffic.  So please be patient, golf season will return and let’s make 2017 another great year.
This past week my focus was to complete the inventory at the golf course.  Each piece of equipment, on the grounds, is recorded with the purchase price and the replacement price listed.  It gives the insurance company a comprehensive list in case there is a disaster.  The insurance rates are based off the replacement cost of the equipment.  It will allow us to replacement every piece of equipment.
I also use the equipment inventory information to determine the life expectancy of each piece.  The hours of use are recorded each year for every piece of equipment.  The more rainfall we receive during the golf season will result in higher quality growing conditions.  In turn this means higher useage of equipment.  A dry golf season might equal 400 hours on the rough mower while a season with plenty of rainfall will most likely double the hours.
The small assets, fertilizer, irrigation supplies, etc. are all recorded as well.  Some of these items change on an annual basis but the tools and such usually remain the same each year.  This gives me a basic outline of all inventory in the maintenance facility and what need to be replaced over time.
Lastly, the clubhouse inventory is recorded.  This ranges from small assets to the pro shop items.  We no longer carry a lot of pro shop items because they do not sell very well.  Most golfers only want the items of necessity in the moment.  These would include golf balls, tees, and gloves.
We sold less than one third of our golf ball inventory in 2016.  The majority was returned to the company for credit.  Golf gloves are probably the most popular item we sell.  Having a limited inventory is not always convenient to every golfer but the vast majority do not purchase items in the clubhouse.  It also helps keep our expenses down with not a lot of investment.
Clubhouse inventory is closely monitored and potential changes are studied at the end of each year.  This includes food and beverage items.  We have a limited amount of food options to sell.  They need to be affordable and convenient to the public.  Tying up a lot of mone in food inventory is a very risky business practice.  We currently waist or lose a very small part of our inventory.  Again, this keeps the costs down and the revenues steady.
Please feel free to contact me with any questions, comments, or concerns about the different inventory types at the golf course.  Have a great remainder to your weekend.  Remember to smile a lot each day because it can definitely make a difference!

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