Good Bitterly Cold Morning,
Winter has arrived and there is not one biting insect in the air.  That is about the only positive besides the snow cover.  Which is hit or miss on most of the golf greens.  This snow cover helps insulate the turfgrass, during the winter months, and protects it from the harsh winds and cold temperatures.  Winter is always a scary time when it comes to thinking about turfgrass on golf course greens.
When the temperatures are abnormally high late into fall and there is no snow cover it really leaves the plant susceptible to the extreme change in weather conditions.  The plant is still happy and enjoying the warmer temperatures and has not started preparation for winter conditions.  The early snowfalls, the past several years, have really benefited the turf with that insulation blanket.  We have not really had that much frost, in the spring, during these years.
There will be budget meetings upcoming in the weeks ahead.  The golf course budget has been very positive in the past.  We are sitting in comfortable shape right now as preparation for 2017 begins.  That is always a good feeling for me each year.
The newly proposed budget will be almost identical to the current budget.  Any increase in wages will be offset in the reduction of hours for one part time position.  So, since the budget is balanced and the base amount will not rise, I am proposing no rate increases to the golf board.  Some of our interior pricing will be adjusted though.
I spent this past week working on several of our utility vehicles.  These units have been completely serviced, with oil changes, filters, greased, and repair work.  They are ready to go for the 2017 golf season.
Another area that has been addressed is the driving range supplies.  Our range ball supply is slowly diminished over the course of a season.  I normally replace about 1800 balls each year.  This keeps the inventory high and also provides the golfers with high quality practice balls.
This fall I found a great deal on the internet and ordered 14,400 golf balls.  The price was more that 50% less than I normally pay.  We will have a healthy supply of range balls for quite some time and it will also give me an opportunity to sell some of these balls to any other courses that would like to add to their inventory.
I have taken eight to 16 hours off the past couple of weeks.  I will probably continue that for the next couple of weeks, until we get through the holiday season.  Then, it will be back to business as usual.
 This is my first year on the fire department as a volunteer.  I am looking forward to delivering presents today for the adapt a family program.     It looks like a beautiful day with plenty of sunshine, until you feel the brutally cold air on your face.  The warm heart will offset those cold temperatures today!
Please contact me with any comments, questions, or concerns so they can be addressed in a timely manner.  Enjoy your day friends!

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