This past week I completed the service work on both John Deere green mowers.  These machines had the oils and filters changed.  The reels were also sharpened along with the bedknives.  These two units are ready for service.
The reel sharpening process is completed by balancing each reel, on the sharpener, and running the grinding wheel over each blade.  Reels for the greens have 14 blades and it takes about eight rotations to put a brand new edge with the proper bevel on each blade.
Each blade rotates and causes contact against a bedknife which accomplishes the cutting of the grass.  The bedknife and blades are all sharpened to create a sharp edge that will cut grass with the cleanest cut possible.  There is a machine for the reels and one for the bedknives that manually complete the process.
I also finished sharpening all the rotary blades in my inventory.  There is a special grinding machine I use to complete this sharpening process.  Each blade has a new edge added and balanced to achieve the proper mowing technique.  These blades are changed weekly to ensure there is a high quality of cut completed by each machine.
The sharpening process will continue for the next couple of weeks.  It is time consuming but necessary to be completed each off season.  When the mower blade becomes dull it starts to tear the grass instead of using a clean cut.  The poor quality of cut increases the stress on the plant causing it to be more susceptible to disease.
This concludes another week at the golf course.  Please contact me with any comments, questions, or concerns so the can be addressed in a timely manner.  In a little over two months we might be swinging the golf sticks again.

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