Another week of winter is in the books and we are inching closer to the start of the 2017 golf season.  There will be no rate changes for any golf related activities.  Some of the refreshment pricing will be changed to try and make the pricing in three different categories instead of about seven different price ranges.
On Thursday, the budget was presented to the mayor and city council members.  There is slight variation in several line items but the bottom line will not change for the upcoming budget.  The golfing public will still be able to enjoy their golfing experience with the same pricing as 2016.  That is always good news for the golf fan.
City department heads spent the day, Wednesday, with a moderator.  We focused on the future plans for the city as well as each department.  Some of the topics dealt with succession planning and priorities in the upcoming years.  It was a very positive day and there was some great conversation.  This will be shared in a future memo from the moderator.
I was not able to complete any further reel sharpening, this past week, but I did complete the service work and repairs to our second JD 1600 WAM.  This unit is new to our inventory and the hours of service was not as great as most of the other equipment will require.
There is a lot of ice still covering the golf course and the forecast is calling for more rainfall and possible ice damage through Tuesday morning.  Obviously there could be damage to power lines and extensive tree damage resulting from these predictions.  That is a major concern at the golf course, as well as the community.
Ice is generally considered non threatening if it covers the turf for a maximum of 90 days.  With the early accumulation of ice, dating back to Christmas, we have a touchy situation when it comes to the health of our turf come springtime.  I have been in this business long enough to know you cannot control Mother Nature, for the most part, but it still presents some worrisome thoughts in my mind.
This coming week will consist of continuing service work to equipment along with reel sharpening.  It always feels good to bring a piece of equipment into the shop, spend a couple days working on it, then return it to cold storage purring like a kitten….until the cold weather slaps you in the face.
In 2017, Estherville will be added to our reciprocating golf program.  This brings the total to approximately nine other courses working together to provide more golfing options, for their clients, at a reduced rate.  This process always works out as a huge positive for the muni.  I want to remind the public, these golfing privileges are for season pass holders only.  Any Spencer resident cannot be a member at another course and receive reciprocating golf at the muni.
That concludes another week at the SMGC.  Please contact me with any comments, questions, or concerns so they can be addressed in a timely manner.  Stay warm, get your clubs cleaned up, and think about the birdies of spring fast approaching!

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