Warmer weather, melting snow and ice, and frozen ground all add up to a lot of standing water around the golf course.  There is standing water and ice on quite a few greens but hopefully it will be gone soon.  It has been a very strange winter and as always my biggest concern is how the golf course makes it through the winter months.
As I toured the golf course this past week, I was able to document many greens and tees that need to be mowed closer to the original sizes.  As the seasons go on, the tees, greens, and fairways slowly get mowed in closer and closer.  The reason is the staff not getting right up to the edges and potentially scalping the higher cut grass.
Every two or three years it is necessary to mow these areas of the course back to the original perimeters.  This process is usually done in the early spring or late fall.  It will not take very long and the grass will recover and everything will be back to normal.  Every hole has been documented for this spring project.
Another project completed, while touring the course the latter part of the week, was tee sign advertisements.  These advertising signs were originally sold, following construction, to cover the cost of all amenity items per hole.  The advertisement was for the lifetime of the company.  There are currently six tee signs available for advertising sale.  I am tentatively looking at $600 per sign which will also cover the new advertising plaque on the granite tee signs.
I was able to service and complete repairs to the JD trap rake and the Toro out front mower.  Both machines were completely gone through and any small repairs were completed.  Each machine is ready for the start of the 2017 golf season.
Several work hours were also spent in the clubhouse.  The pricing list for all clubhouse items was evaluated and any necessary changes were adjusted.  The main changes were done to keep all the beer and liquor pricing similar.  There was quite a wide array of pricing.  It will make operations smoother and quicker in the future.
Enjoy the remainder of your weekend.  We are less than two months from golf season!

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