We have entered the month of March and the opening of the golf season, historically speaking, will happen sooner than later.  The warm weekend temperatures have removed the majority of the snow cover and all the moisture is soaking into the ground.  This is all positive for the health of the course.  Overall, the course looks great right now.
I spent the past week working on quite a few amenity items for the course.  First, our tee markers are 17 years old and have accumulated a lot of paint over the years.  I used a cleaner product, to soak the markers over 24 hours, and was able to remove all the old paint.  This process left the tee markers back in the original recycled ABS plastic form.
Next, the tee markers were lightly sanded and rinsed.  Lastly, a light coat of spray paint finished the process of returning the tee markers to original form.  They look great and I have also moved on with this cleaning process to aluminum cups, flag sticks, and driving range tee markers.  It is time consuming but the result is amazing.
The flagsticks will all be cleaned with this product in order to give the fiberglass shafts a cleaner appearance.  I replaced 15 ferrules on our flagsticks to let them set in the cup properly.  The ferrules, bottom piece of the stick, are what hold the flag in the cup tightly.  We have 45 flagsticks for the golf course.
I have updated all of the job description titles for the golf course.  these include clubhouse part time, maintenance part time, and grounds part time, along with my description.  The maintenance part time and grounds part time differ only in the fact that grounds part time is almost exclusively a mowing position.
I spent a lot of time working on clubhouse documents.  All of our forms, certificates, rain checks, Safety Data Sheets, safety training programs, etc. have been updated and are ready for the season.  There is a paper copy and an electronic copy of all records in the clubhouse.
The ordering process also began for all of our clubhouse inventory, in preparation of opening.  Coke products, cleaning supplies, snacks, have all arrived and been sorted.  The upcoming week I will be preparing alcohol orders for the start of our liquor license March 11.
It has been a very busy week and also an exciting one.  The start of the season is getting very close and that always brings a fire underneath of my seat.  I cannot wait for each golf season to begin, and I love love love seeing the faces at the golf course.

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