Hopefully this past week is the end of the winter weather.  The golf course looks great and once things dry out a bit we will be ready to go golfing.  The clubhouse will be open later in the upcoming week.  The parking lot needs to dry out some before we open the doors to customers.
I have continued to work on refurbishing the aluminum cups and working on equipment.  I finished sharpening one of the fairway units and making repairs to the rollers.  Several bearings were replaced and some other small details completed.  Equipment maintenance is a constant process.  Proper maintenance programs will focus on preventative maintenance and not just corrective.
There has been a lot of painting completed in the clubhouse.  This process consists of touch up painting to keep everything fresh and new in appearance.  Obviously we have a beautiful clubhouse and my goal is to always keep it that way.
A lot of the part time staff have completed their paperwork and all other necessary steps are being covered in preparation of opening.  There will be new staff training in the clubhouse this upcoming week.  A few new faces will be in the clubhouse along with the majority of past staff.  I am excited to get things rolling!

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