What a beautiful week at the golf course.  We dodged the major thunderstorms yesterday and still received some excellent rainfall.  The golf course has erupted with green grass growing everywhere.  I cannot believe how fast the grass is growing even with the lower soil temperatures.
Everything is really shaping up around the course as we move deeper into the spring calendar.  The ice damaged areas are starting to slowly recover and eventually will be in good shape.  There might be some light overseeding in areas but for the most part I am very happy with the progress.
The irrigation system is up and running.  We made some small repairs and also completed the work in the pumphouse.  I have made it through the majority of the stations and see minimal issues.  I knock on wood as I speak those words.
We completed some sod work on hole #12 and between the clubhouse and practice green.  Number 12 was the result of a bad irrigation leak late last fall.  The clubhouse surrounds was due to heavy cart traffic outside the east door.  I plan on eliminating cart traffic in this area to prevent future damage.
The largest part of our work week has been mowing.  The fairways, greens, tees, collars, rough, etc. have all been mowed.  We covered the fairways twice this past week.  The greens have been mowed multiple times and are getting closer to the daily mowing schedule.  Tees are being mowed once or twice a week right now.  And the rough is starting to take off and will require more attention.
Several upcoming projects will be addressing the appearance of the south shelter, mink and muskrat damage east of number five green, tile issues on number 12, and tile issues on number 16 green surrounds.
That should do it for another week at the old golf course.  Please stop by and say hello sometime.

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