Our current budget numbers show the expenses slightly lower than last year at the same time.  Our revenues are quite a bit lower in comparison to last year.  The main reason being, the golf course opened March 10 last year and we were extremely busy that entire month.  The later the golf course opens has a very strong influence on the bottom line.  I am confidant the golf course will finish the current budget in good shape.
The week started with a lot of rainfall which left the golf course extremely saturated.  This created difficult maintenance schedules to get caught up on all our practices.  A lot of late evening mowing and sometimes even headlights were involved but we survived.
With the wet conditions we really see areas where tile is an issue around the golf course.  The situation on #16 is still in the works for a repair solution.  Denny Stevenson was on site Thursday to begin the process.  I will keep you posted as the process moves forward.
The other bad tile area is in front of #12 green.  This is a result of a tile being compromised during the construction process and it finally came to surface.  The tile has not stopped running for over a year.  instead of setting pylons out we constructed a landscaping waterfall to clean the area a bit.  It is definitely not the solution but it will work until the problem can be addressed properly.

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