The weather has really put a damper on the 2017 golf season.  In comparison to 2016, our revenues are down a little over $20,000.  On a positive note, expenses are down about $12,000 this season.  As everyone knows, the weather is the one piece of the puzzle we have no control over when it comes to golf course revenues.  I am confident we will finish the last two months of the budget on a strong note.
​We were able to mow the majority of the golf course the first couple of days this week.  Then the weather made it difficult to complete a lot of outdoor activities.  So, we moved to interior projects.  These included cleaning and organizing the clubhouse office, maintenance shed, and shop area.
Our equipment lift was moved to the south half of the shop floor.  This allows us to utilize the entire shop area in a more effective manner.  We also went through the entire shop inventory and completed some inventory control.  The guys caught me in a week moment and I agreed to throw out more garbage than my mind normally would allow.
All in all the cleaning process was a huge success.  It almost feels like we moved into a new house.  Now we will do our best to keep everything organized and clean as we move forward into the golf season.
Monday does not appear to be much of a change in this weather pattern.  I plan on addressing the cart traffic between the clubhouse and practice green by planting ornamental grasses along the cart paths.  This will give us an attractive as well as affective solution.  We will cut back some of the yardage grasses on the course so there will be no expense for this project.
It looks like Tuesday will bring us some favorable golf weather.  Our men’s golf leagues will be starting this coming week.  I hope the weather cooperates and we can kick off the leagues with a bang.  Part time staff is all in place and we are ready for some busy days at the golf course.

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