The Trees for Kids grant and Trees Forever grant have both been completed.  Volunteers helped plant trees on Saturday morning and the Trees for Kids was completed Monday afternoon.  There were six middle school students, 28 high school students, four golf course employees, three teachers, and Laura Wagner (Iowa DNR).
This project went pretty smoothly considering it is the end of the school year and the students were pretty amped up.  And by excited I am not referring to planting trees.  They did a good job and we finished the project in relatively good time.
Staff has been watering all the new trees, 103 total, on a daily basis.  There still needs to be more mulch applied to some of the trees we planted on Monday.  We ran out and had no time to get another pallet load.
These 103 trees consisted of 14 different varieties, of which six are varieties we did not currently have on the course.  So, we have increased the overall total number of varieties we have in our inventory.  A diverse inventory will help with future insect threats to the ash and maple trees.
The tile issue continues to be building on the 16th green surrounds.  I am still waiting on Denny Stevenson.  His health has not been well and I really hate to constantly bother him about the topic.  I plan on touching base in the morning if I hear nothing today.  I will keep you posted.
Lastly, our shelter near the 5th tee has become a safety concern.  After evaluating the condition and the severity of the safety issue, with Mark White, I have decided to remove the structure.  We will be dropping the shelter tomorrow and plan for removal as time allows.
I will start the planning stages for a new structure which will be completed as time allows.  The new shelter will be smaller and also consist of a bar area for us to use during tournaments.  I will seek volunteers to help with the construction process.
It has only been a couple of days, but as I said there is a lot going on out here at the muni.  The predicted thunderstorms will only make it more challenging to get caught up prior to the weekend.  Fun in the sun sounds more like it.
Have a great week friends!

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