The past few days have come to a complete halt in the revenue category for the golf course.  The cold wet weather has made it impossible to operate as normal.  I am sure I am not the only one who is tired of the rain and 40 degree weather.  It has been very disappointing since the first half of the month was so positive and we were getting back on track.
The budget is currently at a break even point.  As of Mat 17th, the revenues were at 321,248 and the expenses were 320,183.  These expenses are right on track in accordance to last year.  The revenues are well behind last year’s pace.  Hopefully the remainder of the month will be successful.
The tile issue on #16 green surrounds and the Stoney Brook housing is still at a stand still.  I have reached out to a different contractor to help us resolve the issue.  Matt Hagedorn has agreed to look at the problem and see what he can do to resolve it.  I will keep you posted on the progress.
There have been several irrigation issues that have mostly been resolved.  I blow the irrigation system out each fall spending extra time on every station to remove all the water from each line.  This past winter with all the freezing and thawing along with many rainfalls, unfortunately the standing water flowed through the irrigation heads back into the lateral lines.  This caused a lot of broken irrigation lines in low areas.  We are currently down to one leak, on 16 tee, remaining to repair.
The shelter on number five tee area was knocked down earlier this week.  It was becoming a safety issue and I felt taking it to the ground was the best alternative at this time.  The only part remaining is the roof.  I will explore new options in the upcoming days.
Out Trees for Kids grant was successful this past Monday.  I completed the paperwork to complete the grant and sent it in to Laura Wagner at the Iowa DNR.  I am very happy with the addition of 103 new trees to the golf course.  Between the Trees Forever and Trees for Kids grant, we added a total of 14 different tree varieties to the golf course.  They will be a beautiful addition.  One positive, they have not needed water these past few days.
Monday will be a very busy start to the week.  As the temperatures rise again, we will be hard pressed to catch up on our mowing.  I also plan on spending a day spraying the remainder of the broad leaf weeds on the course.

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