It has been a long day, but I want to give everyone an update on the tile situation while it is still fresh in my mind.
Matt Hagedorn was on site early this morning.  They discovered a clay tile, on the golf course property, just north of Stoney Brook.  The water pressure was very strong without touching the clay tile.
We tried to locate the tile further north and dug a trench between 16 green and 17 tees.  There was no sign of the tile.  Next, they dug along an existing plastic tile from west to east.  We discovered a clay tile near the property line heading toward the condos south of Golf View.  There was no other tile discovered all the way to the cart path.
Next, we decided it was necessary to have the Street Division vac truck on site.  The next step was to open the tile in the original hole.  The vac truck would be used to vacuum the water from the hole and then run the jet down the tile line and trace it to the damaged area.
We traced the tile 184 feet north and hit a tee.  This area was then excavated and the tile was exposed.  A trench was run from the existing plastic tile to the exposed tile.  We tied the clay tile into the plastic tile in order to alleviate all the water in the surrounding area.  This process has helped draw the water table down around 16 green.
The next step was to expose the clay tile near the property line going to the west.  The vac truck again ran the jet and it stopped at 136 feet.  We traced the line to the foundation of the condos just south of Golf View.  It appears when the house was built, the tile was destroyed at the foundation.  We are still working on the next step in this area.
There also still appears to be an issue with the tile running east and west on the Stone Brook property.  The crew only conducted a visual inspection of this area since the golf course problem was our priority.
The area to the south of 16 green is starting to dry out as the water is pulled through the new tile.  The sand trap water level dropped 4″ in about 45 minutes.  So, I am hopeful to see improvement in the coming days.
There was quite a bit of damage bringing the truck onto the golf course.  It was necessary and will be repaired in the near future.  A section of cart path is destroyed and there are plenty of tire ruts to repair.  Along with the areas affected by the backhoe, we have a lot of work to do to get the area back to normal.
I was well aware of the damage that would occur during this process.  It was absolutely necessary to create a mess in order to fix the current mess.  I feel pretty good about the progress for the day.  Tomorrow we will start filling in some of the tire ruts and repairing two irrigation lines that were destroyed.
In the end, it will be a small price to pay in order to have the project done correctly.  I just cannot wait until the end….

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