Happy Fourth of July,
I didn’t have time to send an update this past weekend and was also unable to attend the council meeting last night.  So,  here is an update from the past nine days at the golf course:
The rainfall has definitely made a difference of the condition of the golf course.  A lot of non irrigated areas were starting to turn dormant but have now started getting back to growing conditions.  I actually prefer the drier conditions simply because it cuts down on labor dollars and hours on equipment.
I am very pleased with the condition of the golf course right now.  There are still several holes I need to finish spraying clover and the obvious repair work in the tile area of #16 and #17.  These areas have been on hold because of the past rainfall.  However, I will be spraying the remainder of the course and start cleaning up the trenches, from the tile repair, this week.
The tile repair is keeping the area dry but is still not the final answer to this problem.  The damaged clay tile was temporarily fixed by tying into an existing plastic tile.  There is a 6″ rise to the plastic tile so it doesn’t quite flow properly.  My idea is to add a riser to this tile and construct a french drain below the rise.  This should help improve the overall quality of the tile.
As you all know, the shed on #5 tee was dropped to the ground several weeks ago.  I have delayed the removal until I could make a decision on moving forward.  I have finally made that decision.  We started removing the shelter piece by piece down to the trusses.  The trusses will be salvaged and used to construct the new shelter.  This will greatly minimize our expenses for the new project.  I am currently working on developing these plans.
The budget was completed last Friday morning.  The final postings are not complete yet, but it looks like the golf course will operate at a profit of close to $8000.  I am very happy with that final result, especially considering how poor the months of March and April were for golf weather.  The later the golf course opens in the spring, the lower our revenues will be that budget.  It was into April before we were open compared to March 11 last year.
Another project we have started is removing dead trees and shrubs around the golf course.  We still have a handful of mature trees to remove and will continue to work on this process weekly, as time allows.  I hope to have them all removed by the end of the month.
It has been very busy at the golf course over the past six days.  Our entire rental cart fleet was out three of those days.  It is great to having a successful start to the new budget.  It seems like the stress and anxiety of one budget ending transfers over into the thoughts of the new one.  I am looking forward to another budget at the Spencer Municipal Golf Course.
I would like to thank the staff on the grounds and in the clubhouse for always doing a top notch job.  It gives me a lot pleasure to have employees that take pride in their job and the golf course.  That can’t be said for most work places but it definitely is the case at our golf course.  Please take the time to thank these folks for taking so much pride in their part time job.
Please feel free to get in touch with me about questions, comments, or concerns so they can be addressed in a timely manner.  Have a wonderful 4th of July evening.  Hopefully it plays out as a safe one.

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