The time of year has arrived where we start losing staff at the golf course.  There have been several ground staff on vacation and the clubhouse staff is starting to lessen in availability.  It definitely makes it a challenge but the rest of the staff has gone the extra mile to keep things running smoothly.
We have some busy days upcoming as we begin to complete our share of the water quality improvement grant.  This will consist of building a berm in five fairway and another on eleven.  These will allow the irrigation pond to hold a higher volume of water for an extended period of time.
I would also like to add some small berms along the stream on number ten to help keep the overflow off the fairway.  During the heavy rains, the stream ends up in the fairway and through the rough.
The construction of the new shelter by number five tee needs to be completed.  This process will be starting in the next couple of weeks and will be addressed as we have time available.
The damaged tile areas, by 17 tees, will be addressed very soon.   These areas will be tilled and seeded.  By using the Park Department’s Rotodairon it will create a level surface and perfect seed bed.
Lastly, we have several dead trees that need to be removed from the course.  There have been several trees already removed but a half dozen or so remain.  This project will be worked on during our spare time throughout the remainder of the season.
​Throw in our normal maintenance practices and tree watering leaves us with a pretty busy schedule.  Please share any comments, concerns, or questions so they can be addressed quickly.  I will see the golf board and council at both respective meetings tomorrow evening.​

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