It has been another week short staffed on the maintenance crew as well as the clubhouse.  With short staff we do our absolute best not to diminish the condition of the course or the level of accommodations in the clubhouse.  But, we aren’t always able to operate full strength.  It also makes for very odd work hours for me throughout the day and night.
With that being said, I am very happy with the condition of the golf course and the way the clubhouse is operating.  I believe we are offering the public a beautiful golf experience for a very affordable price.  I am sometimes told otherwise…….
I would encourage anyone who has questions, complaints, or simply needs more explanation to contact me directly.  I try and provide each of you with as much information possible each week.  This same information is on my blog on www.spencermunigolf.com.
Some people like to complain just for the sake of it, but I always look forward to an opportunity to educate someone on the operations of the golf course and my job.  So, please direct them my way if you are unable to help meet their needs.
This past week I have been busy getting past due payments collected as well as sending certified letters for bad checks to be collected.  I would seriously like to look deeper into the possibility of automatic withdrawal for our pass holders.  I will delve further into that possibility with Mr Weuve.
The plans for the new shelter are starting to come together.  The trusses have sat on site because I plan to use as much of the material to construct the new unit as possible.  This will save us a lot of time and money in the long run.  The new unit will be smaller and also have a snack bar area for drinks and such during events.
Next week I will be completing the finish work on the tile areas by 17 tee surrounds.  This has taken a lot of time in order to ensure the soil is finished settling and the project is working properly.  Now that we have reached the time frame of seeding I will complete this work next week.
The month of August has been very busy to date.  We are on pace for great revenue totals.  The month of July revenue was $52,500 and expenses were $44,500.  In comparison to last year, we were $4000 in the hole at the end of July.  Things are looking very positive for the start of the new budget.
As always, I look forward to seeing or hearing from each of you at any time.  Please let me know if there are questions, concerns, or other so I can address them in a timely manner.

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