Last Sunday we hosted the 9th annual Special Olympics United Golf Tournament.  There were 29 athletes, along with their sponsors, playing a fun filled nine hole round of golf.  This event is so amazing and truly shows a person how great life is for each and everyone of us.  There is only one feeling in the air….unconditional love.  I had an absolute blast playing with my partner, Patrick Smith.  Everyone should consider volunteering for this event next year.
Today, we are hosting the annual men’s league golf tournament.  This marks the end of the golf season for a lot of our golfers which saddens me quite a bit.  Fall is such a beautiful time to play golf.  Our leagues are a big part of the success at the muni and I appreciate each golfer taking the time out of their schedule to spend some time with us each week.
The staff continues to operate short handed in the clubhouse and on the grounds.  Each one of the part time employees is doing a great job to step up and ensure we continue to operate successfully each and every day.  It is challenging and creates some long odd hours of work but we are all determined to provide the best playing conditions with great customer service.
Being short staffed always creates a challenge with our day to day practices but it makes it even worse when there are mechanical issues.  I have spent a lot of time working on equipment repairs.  I have found that very early AM and late PM hours work the best since nobody is around to demand my attention.  I have also had a little help from the street division which I appreciate very much.
I have met with Consumer Lumber to develop shelter plans in the area of five tees.  We will be using the existing trusses to build a new shelter about 33% smaller than the old building.  There will also be a fold out table top constructed on the north side of the building.  This will allow us to use the shelter as a snack shack during events and tournaments.  The exterior will have the same type of siding as the clubhouse.  I am very excited to start working on this project in the near future. Below is the drawing of the proposed shelter:
Earlier in the season, I started working with Direct Fairways to produce a yardage book for the golf course.  This has been a lengthy process with them contacting local advertisers to offset the cost of the product.  I created the narrative information and pictures of each golf hole.  The book is getting very close to completion.  I will share this proof with all of you when it arrives.
I was able to aerify the damaged areas of number seven green followed by seeding.  These areas are a result of two irrigation heads not working properly.  The evidence does not appear until you see the dry areas once they have developed.  We will add light topdressing applications to speed the recovery process.
The tile repair project is scheduled to reach the final part of the clean up process.  I am going to try and till these areas this morning to prepare the seedbed and level all the areas from the process.  The weekly rainfall has left the area saturated and I am not sure how successful this process will be but I am going to give it a shot.
That is a wrap on another week at the golf course.  Please contact me with any comments, questions, or concerns so they can be addressed in a timely manner.  Cheers to sunshine and great golf weather moving forward!

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