What a beautiful week for golf.  The course has been steady with lots of golfers taking advantage of the fall rates.  We are hosting our annual chili open this morning.  There are 168 people currently signed up for the event.  It will be a packed house and hopefully the weather cooperates.
Our revenues are just about equal to September 2016 and expenses are significantly lower.  For the year to date budget we have approximately $119,000 in revenues and $122,735 in expenses.  Last year, for the same period, revenues were $125,736 and expenses totalled $144,318.  So, financially we are sitting very well as we wind down the season.
There has been a lot of progress completed on the new shelter.  The posts were all set, followed by the soffet trim, and finally the trusses were added.  The street division gave us some much needed help to make sure the building is square and set properly.  We will continue to work on the project as time permits.
The pond on number ten was treated several times to eliminate the algae.  There was quite an accumulation but after applying copper sulphate it is almost 100% clear of the algae.  The copper sulphate is toxic to the algae and causes the dieback.  The key is to treat 1/3 of the pond at a time in order to eliminate a fish kill.  After a 48-72 hour wait, another application is added.  This process is done 3-4 times and leaves the pond looking great.
We have once again been very short staffed on the maintenance side of things.  Also the heavy dew point conditions has forced a lot of mowing in the evenings.  It is time consuming but it also leaves the golf course looking great.  Otherwise we have grass clumps lying all over the place and looks unsightly.
Overall, the golf course is in very nice shape.  The fairways have been great all year.  The tees are growing and remain healthy.  The greens have been very consistent all year and remain in a very healthy state.  The rough continues to grow at a rapid rate and can kindly slow down any time now.  I appreciate the hard work and care the grounds employees dedicate to the golf course on a daily basis.
Our clubhouse staff has been outstanding all year long.  There are several new additions and many employees that return each year.  I am very happy with the dedication and level of performance they provide our customers.  They really take a lot of pride in this facility and their work ethic proves that point.
​This morning I am running some irrigation cycles and hoping that the rain does not spoil our annual chili open.  We have over 160 golfers signed up to play today.  This is a great event that gets a lot of support from our golfers.  Rain rain go away, come again another day!
I will see each of you at the respective meetings tomorrow evening.  In the meantime, please ​contact me with any comments, questions, or concerns so they can be addressed in a timely manner.  Have an enjoyable final day of the weekend!

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