The past week allowed staff to continue working on our fall projects.  It also included the beginning of the water quality improvement project on the golf course.  Below is a picture of the initial start to the process:
This project will include the 24″ tile you see added to the north of the waterway.  This will be the new outlet to the irrigation pond.  The tile has a box installed where the water level can be adjusted by adding plates.  This process has reduced the pond level by several feet so the outlet can be completed.
There will also be a large concrete culvert installed where the current waterway is flowing behind #5 green.  This will be underground and work as an overflow when the pond is full from heavy rainfalls.  Deloss will start installing these early this coming week.
Lastly a new tile will be installed between five green and six tees.  This tile will run to the culvert on eleven fairway.  It will help with the problem drainage in this area and complete the work in this area.  They will move to #12 after completion.
There have been close to 30 trees removed the past two years at the golf course.  The majority are pine trees that died from pine wilt.  Our next step is to remove the stumps and fill the areas with soil.  I plan on working on these the next couple of weeks.
The new shelter is progressing nicely on #5 tee surrounds.  We are ready to add the tin roof this coming week.  After the roof is completed, we will add crushed concrete to the interior floor.  This will be followed by the shake siding installation.
I have also continued to work on the new five year business plan for the golf course.  This plan will be a guide for the golf course and the city as we move forward to another successful five years at the golf course.
That is conclude another week at the old golf course.  Please contact me with any comments, questions, or concerns.  Enjoy the remainder of your weekend.

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