There is not much to say about this past week other than wet, cold, and hardly any revenue.  It was a challenge trying to get everything mowed prior to the weekend.  Our sand traps washed out again, Friday morning, and the course resembled a river more than a golf facility.
I will say the retention pond, the the east of the course, has functioned very well through all this rainfall.  It is full to the highest level, since construction, and it is definitely slowing the movement of surface water.  The waterways are full, on the course, but there was minimal standing water near the Prime Rib. ​
In the next couple weeks, the water quality project will start on the golf course property.  I would like to see all equipment enter the golf course at the entrance next to 12 tees.  The work road would be right along the pond and cross the stream behind number five green.  This will eliminate the crossing of anyoly work through the waterway.  There will also be a new outlet tile added behind five green.  This will allow us to control the water level in the pond.
I was originally had plans to head out of town October 6 through the 21st.  Those plans have changed due to some family medical issues.  I do plan on heading out of town for my wife’s birthday and our anniversary, but the time table is not set.
When I do leave town, Mark Lawson will be in charge of monitoring the daily operations at the golf course.  My dad will monitor the irrigation system and any other necessary maintenance practices that become necessary.  I will be available by phone or email every day.
Our annual chili open is rescheduled for this morning.  There are currently 160 players signed up for the event.  It should be a great day and hopefully the weather will cooperate and add to that success.
Please feel free to contact me with any comments, questions, or concerns so they can be addressed in a timely manner.  Enjoy the remainder of your weekend.

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