It has been a very busy week at the golf course.  The weather has not been exactly golf friendly but it has allowed DeLoss to gain a lot of ground on the water quality project.  We have also started servicing the majority of our equipment.  We are officially done mowing for the season.
The irrigation system was winterized from Monday afternoon until Wednesday evening.  The main lines and laterals have all been blown out and the pumphouse has been broken down.  It is always a nice job to have completed.
There has been quite a bit of water quality work done over quite a large area of the golf course.  But, I am very happy with how controlled the contractor has been to limit the damage to all designated areas.  The only real issues has been with irrigation piping but that was all expected.  I am impressed with their work.
They have completed almost all of the work in the area of number five green.  The 24″ outlet pipe is done.  The 36″ overflow has been installed.  The 8″ tile between number five green and six tees is complete.  They have also finished the majority of the dirt work in these areas.  It is a totally different look than what you are used to seeing around five green.
An 8″ tile has been installed from the pond behind number 12 green exiting at the irrigation pond.  Several tiles coming from farmland south of the golf course have been cleared and working perfectly.  They previously went through the pond behind 12 green and exited in the irrigation pond.  Now, they exit in the pond behind the green and have been capped on the north side of the pond.
Saturday the crew dug the pond behind 12 green to a depth closer to six feet and hauled the material to the south end of the golf course.  They also started hauling the remainder of the black soil to the south end of the course.
On Friday, I measured all the haul roads and areas in need of repair to order grass seed and starter fertilizer.  I also ordered sod from Del’s Garden Center.  They brought five pallets on Friday afternoon and will bring ten more pallets early next week.  This will allow us to sod all the areas where erosion could be an issue.
The remainder of the areas will be covered with black soil, tilled, then finally dormant seeded for a spring recovery.  It will be a hectic week or two moving forward but my plan is to finish everything before winter arrives
It has been a very busy and anxiety ridden process.  It’s never a good feeling to watch the golf course get destroyed by heavy equipment.  But it will be a nice challenge to bring it all back to life.
The staff and I repaired all the tile damaged areas by 16 green and 17 tees.  These areas were finish graded and dormant seeded.  We still need to make a final repair to the tile in this area.  It will be a discussion during the off season and a remedy will be made in the spring.
This will conclude another week at the old golf course.  I’m sure there is something I have missed in this update and if anyone wants a personal tour of the project I would be happy to comply.  Let me know if there are any comments, questions, or concerns so they can be addressed.

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