First, the water quality project is moving forward quite well with DeLoss.  They added a 24″ tile to act as the outlet for the irrigation pond.  There is also a new 8″ tile line running between five green and six tees.  The final work in this area will be the addition of large cement culverts to create an overflow control during extreme conditions.
The other work completed has been tile repair in the area of number twelve.  This tile will empty into the pond behind number twelve green.  This pond will be at least 4 feet deeper.  All existing tile leaving this pond will be capped.
The irrigation pond and the pond on number twelve will both have outlet valves to retain more water for an extended period of time.  The pumphouse will also be raised two feet.
I am very happy with the entire process.  DeLoss has been great to work with and it has definitely a big success.
My irrigation water report has been documented for 2017.  I am allotted 121.5 acre feet of water from the pond and 81 acre feet from our well.  An acre foot of water equals 326,000 gallons of water.  Total useage for 2017 was 62 acre feet from the irrigation pond and 39 acre feet from the well.
Budget figures are in nice shape for the past four months.  My revenue totals for 2017 are $132,600 and expenses totaled 151,000.  During 2016 revenues were $141,000 and expenses were $174,000.
Please feel free to contact me with any comments or concerns so they can be addressed in a timely manner.

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