The warm weather has made for some beautiful golf conditions as we start the fall golf season.  All green fee rates are $25 for cart rental and all day golf.  There have been quite a few players taking advantage of this option.  We are also offering free golf to city employees with only a $5 charge for cart rental.  This offer applies to the mayor and council members as well.  Stop out and play a few holes with us.
Irrigation repairs was the top of the list for the last ten days.  I spent nearly 20 hours tracing an electrical problem that shut down the entire system.  This started last Thursday night and was finally repaired Tuesday evening.
I started the irrigation system in the early morning hours of Saturday so I was able to watch the system to make sure everything worked correctly.  I am happy to tell you I was able to water tees, approaches, and greens with absolutely no issues.  I still have some repairs to finish but everything is working correctly that does not need replaced.
Thankfully we had some rainfall that made this repair process less challenging.  The electrical issue ended up being a decoder, which controls individual valves on each station of each hole.  When the decoder fried itself, it maxed out the electrical amperage and made every station inoperable.  So, you start going through the stations trying to narrow down the problem area.
The new shelter construction started on Friday.  It was quite a battle dealing with the heavy clay soil along with the high water table.  I hit water at about 36″ when augering the holes for the posts.  It was very time consuming and only four posts were set.  Progress will continue on Monday.  Thank you to the street division for providing a couple men to supervise me on the project.
I planned on finishing repair work on the tile areas of 17 tee surrounds, but the machine was still not working.  Saturday morning was the plan which was quickly dashed when the machine continued to have the same issues previously experienced.  I will talk to the street division mechanics on Monday to determine the problem.
The pond on number ten was treated for algae control on Wednesday morning and followed up with a second application Saturday morning.  The process is going to require several more applications to finally remove all the algae.  I have apologized to the neighbors because I failed to stay on top of scheduled applications.  I hope to have it under control very soon.
It looks like the weather will move toward a cooling pattern this coming week.  I am hopeful for sunshine next Sunday.  We have 150 people signed up for our annual chili open.  Lots of chili and lots of golfers and lots of fun!

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