The past week has seen more progress with the water quality project.  I finished seeding the majority of the repair areas.  These included the surrounds of five green, surrounds of 12 green, the surrounds of the small pond on 12, and 75% of the area on the south end of the course.  I still need to seed the main repair haul road once it is prepped.
The pump house building was removed from the foundation and set off to the side.  They prepared wall forms and the concrete was poured Friday morning.  This process will raise the pump house 24″ to protect the pumps from the higher pond levels in the future.
DeLoss still has some work to do around our bridge on number 12.  Our staff removed the railings and posts early in the week to enable them to work around the structure more easily.  Their work will consist of digging out around the foundation and adding erosion control.
We discussed resetting the bridge during this process.  The main concern is the minimal number of welds to the steel frame of the bridge.  Moving the bridge or trying to push the frame down could result in the bridge completely breaking apart.  Discussions are still ongoing in regards to this process.
Initially we planned on building a small berm on number five fairway during this project.  As it moved toward completion we have decided to wait on the berm addition and see how the whole process works out in the spring.  If it appears the berm is necessary, it will be constructed at that time.
It has been a long process but it is also nearing the finish line.  For the most part it has gone extremely smoothly.  I am excited to see the results play out when the spring rains arrive.
I still have a couple part time staff members that will work as necessary in the weeks ahead.  These hours will consist of painting in the clubhouse.  The clubhouse is receiving a fresh coat of paint on the interior to keep everything looking new.  The paint scheme will remain the same in each area of the clubhouse.
The golf course is officially closed for the 2017 season.  I have allowed golfers to play the past few days but once I spray my final fungicide application I will ask everyone to stay off the course.
As we bring another week to a close I would invite any comments, questions, or concerns so they can be addressed in a timely manner.  I hope you all enjoyed your Thanksgiving weekend.

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