Monday morning started off at 55 degrees and a few golfers taking it to the course one last time.  By noon, the cold front was replacing the sunshine and warm temperature.  The golfers finished their last round just as the wind started blowing strong and cold.
For me, Monday was the day to spray the greens with a snow mold fungicide.  This fungicide application helps reduce the odds of this fungus forming under snow cover on the greens when the spring temperatures arrive.  I finished about the same time as the golfers.
DeLoss was able to finish the bridge work on number twelve as well.  They excavated the area, added an extension to the county tile, added the large limestone, and placed the bridge about two feet further south than previously located.  The project looks amazing.  They did an amazing job.
The railings will not be installed on the bridge.  This will allow us to take all of our maintenance equipment across the bridge speeding up transport time.  Here are some photos below:​



Tiffany continued to work on painting the interior of the clubhouse.  It is unbelievable how much the paint has faded over the past eight years.  The areas painted look great and I am anxious for the new clubhouse facelift.
I was off on vacation the remainder of the week.  I use the term vacation very loosely, since it actually meant staying home and studying the EMT handbook all week.  The fireplace and coffee were both warm!
This concludes another week at the golf course.  As we approach the holiday season remember your loved ones and take advantage of the time you spend together.  I feel like family is the most important part of this joyous time of year.  Enjoy your weekend.

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