I was on vacation for the majority of the past week.  I used this time to help Ryan Lux remove dead trees at the Country Club.  I helped remove close to 30 trees during the past two weeks.  Ryan was able to remove 61 trees since Thanksgiving weekend.  The majority of the tree debris was hauled to the tree site.

​DeLoss was on site midweek to finish the foundation work on the pump house.  They hauled fill material around the entire area to raise the topography near the new foundation level.  This will help divert surface drainage from the facility in the future.

SMU also moved the transformer further south of the previous location.  The utility entry into the building was also moved from the north side to the SE corner.  We previously received several ground shorts when the entry was on the pond side of the building.  It should all be a benefit moving forward.

​I​ would like to wish each of you a very Merry Christmas, Happy Holiday season, and a bright New Year moving forward.  Enjoy your family and friends, the most important parts of our lives.

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