The weather has been great this past week at the golf course.  This has allowed the water quality project to move forward rapidly.  We are finally nearing the completion of the project.  I was anxiety ridden at the start of this process with the thought of so much destruction on the golf course.  As we near the finish line I am excited about the project and very pleased with the entire process.
DeLoss removed the bridge on number twelve early in the week.  The bridge was placed in the fairway in order for them to complete the necessary work in this area.  The old foundations were removed and new pads were poured.  There was a lot of material removed from the area and a new tile outlet was added to the existing county tile that feeds the pond.
They have finished the removal of the excess material to create a clean flow path from the culverts, under the bridge, and into the pond.  This area has been covered with rocks to control the erosion process.  The bridge will then be set on the new foundation.  It will be placed 2′-3′ further south than the previous placement.  This will allow the water flow underneath the entire bridge and not compromise the new foundation.
SMU has been on site moving the transformer and running the power into the building off the SE corner.  Previously the power entered the building on the north side next to the pond.  We experienced a couple different issues, in the past, with the power shorting itself into the ground.  The new area will make the transition much smoother and keep the transformer above the water level.
DeLoss has raised the pump house foundation over two feet from the original height.  The building will be placed back on this foundation to eliminate the threat of water entering the pump and mechanical areas of the building.  This will be completed very soon.
Mark White stopped out Tuesday evening and disced the main haul road coming off the Asher blacktop.  Wednesday I was able to use the Rotadairon to till the entire area.  This was followed by hand raking, overseeding, and packing the area.  It went from an area compacted at a two foot depth to a perfect seedbed.  Bring on the spring.
The warm weather allowed Mark Lawson to water our new sod on two different occasions this week.  The sod looks great and should go into the winter in a healthy state ready to flourish in the spring.
Also, Tiffany has started the clubhouse painting project.  The paint is eight years old and slightly faded.  It has been impossible to match the colors because of the fading.  So, she is giving the clubhouse a new facelift.  This will cover all the nicks and gouges and keep the building looking new.
I finished the inventory in the clubhouse, maintenance facility, and inland marine.  These are updated annually and used for insurance purposes.  The inland marine consists of maintenance equipment replacement costs not the depreciated value.
This concludes another week at the golf course.  I will see each of you at the respective meetings tomorrow night.  Please let me know if there are any questions or comments that need to be addressed.

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