One more week of winter is in the books and we are moving toward the golf season.  I feel pretty comfortable with the moisture on the golf greens at this point of the off season.  The small amount of snowfall along with slowly melting snow has left me feeling much more comfortable than last week.
This week I was able to complete the maintenance program on two sets of tee mowers and two sets of green mowers.  These four units all remain in high quality condition and will function in the inventory for many years.
I met with Ryan Lux, at the Country Club, to discuss our reel sharpening programs for this off season.  We have decided to work together and sharpen the reels for both golf courses together.  This will make the process run very smoothly as well as speed up the process.  We are also going to work together for any large maintenance repairs on equipment for both courses.
The 2018/19 budget has been completed with the exception of a couple insurance line items.  Once these figures are provided I will put the new 2018 five year business plan in print for the council, golf board, and city staff.  The golf course is looking at a 1% increase in the budget with no scheduled rate increases.
I am currently researching golf simulators to potentially purchase one unit for the 2018 off season.  This would allow us to create a golf league, during the winter months and increase our revenue dollars.  I am still working on the numbers to make sure this would be profitable for the course.
As I have previously mentioned, I am currently taking an EMT class at Iowa Lakes Community College.  This will place me on call with the fire station for first responder calls as well as a volunteer firefighter.  I was able to spend some time, running some EMT shifts, at the fire station.  It is at times an overwhelming experience but I am looking forward to passing my national certification.

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