The warm weather has left me feeling energetic for the new golf season to approach.  If the weather cooperates we should be hitting golf balls in a couple of months.  I am hopeful for a mid March opening date.  Time will only tell.
Ryan Lux and I agreed to work on our equipment together this off season.  This past week we completed the sharpening process on 32 of my 37 reels.  This process consists of sharpening each blade on the reel (the reels have between 8 and 14 blades), adjusting the cut, and setting the height of cut on each reel.
The sharpening process consists of mounting the reel on a machine with everything being level.  You run the grinder across each individual blade until you create a new sharp edge.  The bedknife is the part the reel spins against creating the cutting process.  This bed bar is sharpened on a separate machine with a horizontal grinding stone.
When you put the reel back together, it spins lightly with an even cut all the way across the bedknife.  There is adjustment knobs on the reel that help move both sides to the correct position.  Once it is precisely set, you can cut a piece of paper across the entire spinning reel.
The height of cut is different for all types of mowers.  I set the green mowers at 3mm, tee reels are 8mm, and fairway units are 14.5mm.  A digital measuring device allows me to create the exact same height across each and every blade.  Now they are ready for the mowing season.
We started the process on Ryan’s reels on Friday.  We will have limited time this upcoming week but plan on completing his reels in a very timely manner.  This process usually takes us both about a month to complete it alone.  Less than one week was spent to complete my reels and the same amount of time will be necessary for Ryan’s reels.
This coming week, I will be working on finishing my last five reels and begin setup for Ryan’s reels.  I will also be working an EMT shift at the fire station on Monday and a 12 hour shift of clinicals at the emergency room.
I completed the 2018 Five Year Business Plan and assembled my first copy Friday evening.  I will make enough copies for the mayor, golf board, city council, staff, and other interested parties.

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