It is another frostbite type of morning in NW Iowa.  I would rather have this weather take place now instead of happening in March.  When the golf course is able to open in mid March it helps increase our season pass totals for the season.  If the weather is not favorable until April, there is a noticeable decline in passes.  Bring on the March sunshine!
I spent the past week working with Ryan Lux sharpening reels at the Country Club.  This has been an extremely smooth process for both of us.  I hauled all of my reels to the Country Club and we have worked together sharpening and repairing reels for both golf courses.  We are almost completely done with a job that normally takes more than a month individually.
Our next plan of action is to start working on some of the equipment repairs together.  We are both responsible for our own equipment repair and maintenance which can also become very time consuming.  With two “semi professional” mechanics working together it will make repairs easier and less time consuming.
In the golf department there are many different hats to wear on a daily basis.  I am the business manager, clubhouse supervisor, grounds supervisor, spray technician, irrigation technician, mechanic, public relations director, human resource director, and the list goes on.
When any area of the golf course “breaks down” that becomes my first priority to get it up and running again.  A lot of projects are placed on hold to deal with situations.  It takes a great team to run the golf course successfully.  Ryan and I are going to use one another’s experience to ease the day to day curve balls in 2018.
I updated the website with our 2018 list of events.  There are a few new additions of golf course sponsored events, later in the season, to help boost revenues during this normally slow time of year.  Past events take precedence on reserving the same date annually.  Some of these events might also change in the near future.

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