This past week has been one filled with education.  I am required to complete a certain level of continued education to retain my Class A GCSAA Golf Course Superintendent status.  Fortunately, one of the benefits of this membership is the ability to watch webinars to receive education points.  I am able to choose which videos appeal to my needs and our golf course and watch them for no charge.
I have viewed approximately 1080 minutes of continued education the past few weeks.  These range from bunker management and maintenance to developing quality maintenance program.  There is always something positive to take away from each speaker.  It also allows me to refer to our Business Plan and the Quality Standards Manual.  These are definitely the framework for how our golf course is managed and the cost of doing business in each category of golf course management.
There was also a couple of personal days I missed work in order to complete clinical hours in the Emergency Department at Spencer Municipal Hospital.  This is a requirement for the EMT class I am currently attending.  It was invaluable training time and I am excited to continue moving forward to graduation.  I am currently scheduled to take my National Certification at the end of March.
Tomorrow, I will be back in the shop with Ryan Lux to finish the last little bit of reel sharpening maintenance we have scheduled.  We will also be working on some of the equipment, at both golf facilities, in order to better accomplish our maintenance needs.  This has been a wonderful work relationship and I know we are both excited to expand on the benefits in the future.
This is the end of another week at the golf course (more like classroom this past week).  Please contact me with any questions or comments that might arise.  Have a great day everyone!

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