We have entered the month of March and surely we are all ready for the expiration of Old Man Winter.  There will continue to be a lot of snow melt this week prior to the arrival of some fresh flakes early next week.  I am very pleased with the condition of the golf course right now.  The snow cover has helped protect the greens and course the majority of the winter.  Hopefully we will be golfing later this month.  My prediction is March 19 for the opening date.
Pixler Electric was on site to analyze the new foundation of the pumphouse and assess how they will connect the new electrical for the pumps.  The SMU transformer was moved to the SE corner of the pumphouse and the main power line enters on the east side.  Pixler Electric will be back on site next week to complete the work and the pumphouse will be ready to roll when the weather permits.
Ryan Lux and I have continued to work together on equipment this off season.  All the sharpening work has been completed at both courses.  We were able to go through the Toro rough mower and our sprayer this past week.   Replacement parts have been ordered for multiple pieces of equipment.  Once the parts arrive, we will finish the thorough off season maintenance and repair of equipment.
The Fire Chief has been gracious enough to allow a burn permit, to the Country Club, this coming week.  I will take a truck to the site and monitor the controlled burn of their brush pile.  This will take most of the day and we are currently shooting for Wednesday.  This will allow the Club to save quite a bit of money on hauling costs and also be a controlled situation.
I am looking forward to the coming season and the strong working relationship between Ryan and myself.  We have discussed multiple maintenance practices we can complete together at each course.  The end result will be a huge positive for both golf courses.
The automatic withdrawal form has been added to our website.  It can be found as a link on the course schedule page.  There have been a handful of golfers taking advantage of this new payment form.  Also, the Five Year Business Plan has been added as well to provide as much information as possible to the general public.

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