This past week I was able to attend the annual Golf Course Superintendents Association of South Dakota turf conference.  There is always excellent educational opportunities along with a great trade show to see what is new in the industry.  The networking is also a valuable part of the event.
I was able to discuss financial information with quite a few golf course superintendents.  I am very proud to announce we are one of the very few golf courses that operate at a profit.  I also potentially have our two old fairway units sold to a golf course in Minnesota.  It was a great conference.
The remainder of the week was spent continuing to work on equipment.  There is so many small repairs that need to be completed.  It is very time consuming and doesn’t always feel like there is progress being made.
Unfortunately it appears I have missed my opening date of March 19.  I am still optimistic that we will be playing golf this month.  The course looks very good coming out of the winter months.  Once the frost level goes down I will set an opening date.
Pixler Electric has been on site working inside the pumphouse.  The foundation was raised two feet and the SMU transformer was moved during the water quality project.  This required a new electrical entrance into the building and new lines run to each of the pumps.  They should be finished this coming week.

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