This weather pattern has not been cooperating much to start a golf season.  This will officially be the latest I have opened the golf course in a  long time.  The upcoming days don’t show too much improvement either.  My hope is to open the course for our scheduled tournament next Sunday.
The clubhouse has been open this past week.  We have had a fair amount of people stopping in to pay their fees.  Thursday evening men’s league held their annual meeting this week.  The Wednesday evening men and Tuesday evening ladies will be holding their meetings this upcoming week.
Grounds staff has been busy putting the reels back together on the mowers and working on other equipment.  The majority of the equipment repairs have been completed but there seems to always be small things that need to be addressed.  We will continue to work on equipment this next week.
Pixler Electric was on site most of the week.  They have completed the work in the pumphouse.  The pumphouse was raised two feet as part of the water quality project.  SMU also moved their transformer to higher ground.  This required the building to be rewired from the transformer and throughout the building.
The building was previously removed and concrete forms were set to eliminate the higher pond level from damaging the pumps.  The pumps will continue to set on the pumphouse floor in the same place as prior.   This left the wiring two feet short running to the pumps and made it necessary to replace the wire instead of making a bunch of splices.
The building was placed on the new foundation and soil was added around the surrounds.  I still need to add some sod and seed the area to complete the process.
This coming week I will be meeting with Dave at Golf Ball Country to purchase pro shop items.  We started selling used golf balls last year and it worked out very well.  I am going to add golf shirts and some other options to our inventory.  This will allow us to offer more while costing us much less in overhead.

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