May 20, 2018

We have cruised through another week at the golf course.  The start of the week was very wet and a challenge to keep all areas maintained at a high level.  We survived all the muddy tire tracks and saturated soil to have the golf course looking pretty nice by the end of insanity of this spring will end.
As I continue to keep a close eye on the budget, it definitely remains a high concern.  The weather has been the most unpredictable and compares to nothing I can remember.  In my estimation, we are close to $30,000 behind where we were last year at this time.  My six week goal is to stay as calm as possible, and try to get the budget as close to even as possible.
Equipment issues continue to push their way into my weekly work schedule.  The majority of these issues have been electrical related.  It is part of the job and keeps me on my toes.  The staff and I have fortunately been able to work around these issues and stay on top of our mowing schedules.
Speaking of electrical, the irrigation system has continued to be the most problematic daily issue, besides the weather.  I have repaired close to 60 electrical connections in the irrigation field.  This long repair process has been very time consuming over the past month, but I finally finished the electrical repairs.
Now, time to fill the irrigation main lines and see what other surprises lie in store for me.  I have been welcomed with quite a few broken bleeder screws on the valves throughout the course.  These screws break off on top of the valve knob and eliminates the ability to shut the valve off.  I hopefully have fixed the last of these issues as of this morning.
I have two copper lines to replace in the pumphouse and hopefully all my irrigation problems are in the rear view mirror.  I will finish these repairs later today and start filling the main lines once again.  Hopefully, by nightfall, I will have irrigation flowing to some of the greens.  The rest of the course is not in need of irrigation.
Outside of a few dry greens, all the irrigation issues, and the budget scenario life is great at the golf course.  I am trying to stay optimistic because I know it can always be worse.  The staff and I will continue to work hard and control what we have the ability to control.
Have a great Sunday and remember to laugh and smile a few times.  Please let me know if you have any comments, questions, or concerns so they can be addressed.  Also, huge congratulations to the SHS boys golf team on their qualification for state.  That is awesome.  Good job Coach B and the boys.

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