May 27, 2018

The golf course is starting to see some signs of an official golf season beginning.  Our league nights have been busy.  Open golf is increasing.  People are smiling more frequently.  It’s been a very difficult start to the season, but it’s always in mother Nature’s hands.  It’s difficult to complain about times being tough for a recreational sport when the weather affects our farming community harder than anyone else.
Our golf course is starting to become very dry.  I definitely did not think I would be uttering those words this season.  Thankfully the irrigation system repairs have all been completed and we have water for the course.  I have been watering tees and greens early every morning this week.  Tonight I will water the entire course for the first time in 2018.  What a crazy season this has been.
Our season pass totals are about $20,000 short of our annual average.  Cart storage fees are $11,000 from being paid in full.  All of our revenue sources are behind schedule and it’s a difficult feeling to deal with each day.  This has definitely been the most challenging spring in the 24 years I have worked at the muni.  It is what it is and the sun will come up tomorrow……I hope.
This coming week we will be addressing some of the water quality project areas on the course.  Some of these areas were washed out with the spring rains.  Sod will be laid in these areas to speed up the repair process.  This will entail a lot of hand watering to keep the sod alive and flourishing.  However, I love laying sod to bring new life to a previously bare area.  My body might not feel so confidant by the end of the week.
Some of our green surrounds, especially 17, have some turf loss from the off season.  These areas will be over seeded this coming week.  This will consist of spiking the areas multiple times followed by grass seed and multiple irrigation cycles.  Hopefully everything will be back to normal quickly.
I would like to congratulate our SHS boys golf team, and coach, on their 4th place finish at State.  What a great accomplishment.  Good job to all of you.  Enjoy the remainder of your holiday weekend and also take a few moments to thank our veterans and current military population.  Because of them we get to enjoy our freedom every day.

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