It has been a very busy past couple of weeks at the golf course.  Weather conditions continue to throw every surprise possible at us.  Fortunately we did not receive any hail damage at the muni.  There were some slight indentations and puffiness on our greens but nothing major.  I borrowed any possible equipment necessary, to Ryan Lux, to help repair the hail damage they received at the Country Club.
Next thing you know, our water quality project is tested to the maximum with the heavy rainfall.  I could not have been happier with the success this project on the golf course.  The water was contained, slowly subsided, and caused minimal flooding.  Number 10 fairway and the driving range received a lot of flooding, but that is nothing new.
​All of the sod and seeded areas, from the water quality project were fertilized with another starter fertilizer application.  This application will help these areas continue to develop in a healthy state and speed the recovery process.  We are still slated to get some sod this coming week to finish repairing the remainder of the washout areas from this project.
The irrigation system continues to be a challenge this golf season.  We received another​ electrical hit during one of the storms.  I worked on the repairs most of the day Sunday.  Fortunately, Ryan Lux was able to help me finish the repairs late in the evening last Sunday.  I watered again last night and there were no issues.  Fingers crossed for more success moving forward.
The tile project is still on standby in the 16 green surrounds.  Matt Hagedorn has us on his list and we will add more tile as soon as his schedule permits.  The water has subsided rather quickly after all of the rains but that is not the solution we are accepting.
The 17 green and surrounds will be aerified this coming week.  We will also aerify some of the other green surrounds where turf was lost coming out of winter.  With the irrigation issues and crazy weather patterns it has definitely been a battle maintaining turf this season.  I hope everyone can be patient with the repair process to 17 green.
To add a little more spice to the golf course life, I continue to deal with equipment repair issues on a daily basis.  Most of them are small and not terribly complex, but they take a lot of time.  A couple of the more serious ones have been passed on to the street division or out of town to the company.  It continues to be a learning experience and hopefully I will soon have the knowledge of a master mechanic.
There is so much going on and we are winding down the fiscal period in less than two weeks.  This has been the most difficult budget I have ever closed out due to the horrible spring conditions.  Currently, the golf course is slightly ahead in revenues over finances.  I cannot promise that is how the month will end but I can tell you I am very proud to get the budget this close to being a successful fiscal period.
I am going to stop talking today and get back to enjoying the morning sunshine and birds chirping.  Happy Father’s Day to all of you men on my emailing.  Be proud and love your family each and every day.

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