This past week, at the golf course, we continued to deal with the wet conditions.  It has been very difficult to keep up with our regular maintenance schedules due to the saturated soil conditions.  By this weekend we had all of the mowing under control and the golf course looking pretty nice.
​The end of June is also the end of the fiscal period.  This is the first time in a long time the golf course revenues did not​ exceed expenses.  Our liquor revenue was at $23,000 for the year along with beer revenue at $55,000.  Merchandise and food were the only other two accounts that were close to the expected totals.
Our revenues were $50,000 less than the projected budget totals.  Obviously the main reason was due to the weather.  We also have to understand there are 42 empty cart rental stalls in our cart sheds.  The green fee totals have also declined.  Our green fee revenue was the same as our beer revenue.
As we move forward it will be necessary to utilize the clubhouse as an area to depend on income.  The golf simulator will definitely help us during the off season and during inclement weather conditions during the season.  Revenue from the lounge will continue to be a high part of our budget success.
The overall expenses have not been finalized yet and I will let you know what the figures end up being as soon as I know.  Enjoy the remainder of the weekend and let me know if there are any questions.  See you Monday at the golf board or city council meetings.

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