The rainfall, the past few days, has really been a blessing.  Irrigation issues have made it very difficult to apply an adequate amount of irrigation to the course.  I have repaired several of these electrical issues as well as the main line on hole 17.  All of these issues have been addressed in the last couple of emails I have sent out this past week.  Below is a link, for you reading pleasure, from the state explaining turfgrass conditions.  Simply copy and paste in your web browser.
Repair of the irrigation system will consist of going through station by station, hole by hole, replacing the connections and new direct bury grease tubes.  The old tubes are allowing water in and shorting out the connections.  This will be a time consuming process but needs to be done to correct the electrical issues.
I have received new lithichrome paint to touch up all the yardage markers and tee signs.  This is a special paint used for granite markers.  The stone will be cleaned with glass cleaner, dried, and the new paint applied.  This is much needed as these markers have received a lot of wear over the years.  This project will start sometime this fall.
Starting at the end of August, we should have the online form completed to allow people to sign up for automatic withdrawal for ten months to pay their 2019 passes.  This option will allow our golfers to make monthly payments at an affordable rate.
Lastly, I will be ordering the new golf simulator this coming week.  It should arrive the following week and we can begin the setup process.  I’m very excited to have this new option for our golfers.  It should be a huge success for the golf course.

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