Here is what I have been dealing with running the irrigation system.  The water table is so high, the valve boxes are full of water. The water penetrates the old direct burial tubing and shorts out the connection. It will pass when I run the electrical test but fails when the station turns on from the computer. The only way to find the electrical issues is to go through each individual valve box.  There are approximately 300 valve boxes on the course.  I’m going through the wettest fairways starting this morning and replacing all the connections and installing new direct burial tubing.  I have made it through 14 valve boxes so far today.  There are four connections in every box.  Of the valve boxes gone through this morning, three were completely fried and are now working.  I hope to complete six holes this week.  It’s time consuming but will take care of the issues.
Once the irrigation system repairs have been completed, we will start plugging and sodding the bad areas on greens and collars.  This will be followed by aerifying and over seeding in a couple of weeks.

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