The golf course irrigation electrical repairs have continued during the entire past week.  I was able to get through 71 valve boxes making new connections and installing new tubing.  There have been boxes with broken valves, bad solenoids, and dead decoders.  These 71 valve boxes represent the worst areas on the course.  The irrigation system has been running close to zero issues this week.
We started plugging some of the bad areas on #17 green.  This process will continue this upcoming week.  In the next couple of weeks this green will be aerified and overseeded.  We will also continue to hand topdress the greens and collars.
We had a very successful golf outing on Saturday and are just getting ready to start our annual Special Olympics golf event.  The Special Olympics event is one of my favorite golf outings of the year.  I have participated in this event for the past five years.  It is a very rewarding day.
The pond on number ten has been treated, throughout the season, with copper sulphate to control the algae problem.  The past couple of months have been prime algae growing weather.  The pond is currently clear and I will continue to treat it as we move into the fall months.

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