The end of the men’s golf league season is upon us at the muni.  Today is the Wednesday and Thursday men’s league golf tournament.  The weather looks pleasant for the day and good times should be had by everyone.
We have hosted several golf outings this month and the weather has been great for all of them.  Yesterday we hosted the American Legion golf outing with 72 golfers participating.  It was a great day for golf and the outing went great.  We even had the greatest shotgun start in the history of golf events:
The past week we have continued to work on hand topdressing areas on the greens and collars.  We have also added 300 plugs to the 17th green to fill in some of the poor areas of turf.  I have seen a lot of progress in these areas and am eagerly awaiting the overseeding process coming up at the end of the month.
I continued to work on irrigation repairs this past week.  To date, almost 1/3 of the valve boxes have been addressed.  It is very time consuming, especially since there are 300 valve boxes to tend to on the course.  This will be a continued process as the year moves along.  I plan to have all the connections redone in every valve box by the end of the season.
Equipment issues have continued to be the main topic this week.  All three of our rough units have been down and need parts ordered.  It really put us in a bind.  Thankfully Ryan borrowed two rough units to us for the weekend.  Tiffany and I mowed rough all day, on Saturday, to get everything cleaned up for the busy golf schedule.  We are touching up a few other areas today before we return the mowers to Ryan.  I’m glad we have a great working relationship between us.

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