This past week I was in Iowa City for several days.  My brother in law received his second liver transplant in a two week time frame.  As of Saturday morning, he is in stable condition and the doctors are very happy where everything is at with Todd.  He has a long road ahead of him and obviously circumstances can change daily.  We are very optimistic and praying for a full recovery.
The weather has not been the best but we did complete one of our large fall projects.  Mounding around #16 green was completed in the area where sand traps previously sat.  There were 119 loads of material to complete both of the new mounds and eliminate the sand traps.  I finished grading the area early this past week.
Late in the week, we received 12 pallets of sod, from Del’s Garden Center.  The sod was laid over the two new mounds and will be watered in prior to the irrigation system being winterized.  Here are a few pictures of the finished project:




The golf simulator is programmed into the wifi and working quite nicely.  I had planned on downloading the new courses this week, but the family medical issues took precedence.  I will get the software downloaded this weekend and indoor golf will be available next week.
The majority of the seasonal staff is finished for the off season.  Some employees will still work part time in the clubhouse during the indoor golf season.  Outdoor staff is down to only Mark Lawson.
The irrigation system will be winterized this coming week.  This is usually a two day event to ensure all lines are completely free of condensation.  In the past, we have dealt with the issue of melting snow draining back into the heads and causing some broken elbows in the spring.
Almost all of the electrical connections were repaired throughout the golf course.  This was a very tedious process, but I feel confidant the majority of the issues should be behind us moving forward.  Listen closely….you can hear me knocking on wood.
The golf course is pretty much closed for the season.  We do have the Iowa League of Cities coming this Thursday night.  There will also be a golf simulator party scheduled for Saturday night.  I am looking forward to the simulator and hoping it increases our revenues.
Please contact me with any questions or comments.  My goal is to always address everything in a timely manner.  Stay warm today.

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