Good Morning,
The past week I have completed the inventory of the maintenance department and the clubhouse.  This inventory consists of small assets, irrigation, chemicals, and equipment.
The equipment inventory falls under inland machine for insurance purposes.  This is the cost to replace the equipment in case of a fire.  It is not necessarily the value of the equipment, but simply the price to replace that machine.
Irrigation parts, chemicals and fertilizers, and small assets are recorded for replacement value at the depreciated cost.  These records help us pay a realistic insurance premium and provide a detailed spreadsheet of inventory.
I have also been working on the 2019/20 budget.  This process always requires a review of what past history has shown in the golf course.  I would like to share some figures from the past three years as a comparison.
2016, July through November: revenues = $144,339.15, expenses = $194,245.60
2017, July through November: revenues = $135,116.89, expenses = $177,648.15
2018, July through November: revenues = $126,942.09, expenses = $208,926.81
Our reduction in revenues, the past two years, has been due to poor summer and fall weather patterns.  The higher expenses, this year, is mainly due to equipment repairs on two rough units.
There are challenges each year, with the weather, as well as other unforeseen situations.  The off season is a chance to catch up from these issues and limit our expense line items.
The majority of the equipment repairs have been completed already.  I have inventory, on hand, for the reel sharpening process.  There is excess inventory for our fertilizer and chemical applications, in 2019, which helps tremendously.  With any luck our simulator will take off in popularity and an early golf season will be in the forecast.

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