Good Morning,
The past week was a little bit busier at the clubhouse.  Our simulator received play on five of the seven days during the week.  Each day was for an hour or two but it was nice to see the public stopping in a little more frequently.
I filmed a “Chalk Talk” session with SMU, in the clubhouse, discussing the golf simulator.  This piece will air on the SMU cable channel.  I have also advertised on Facebook, The Daily Reporter, and the radio stations.  Once more and more people hear about the simulator, I think it will really take off and be a huge success.
Currently, the amount of revenue we receive from the clubhouse and the simulator is more than the expenses we pay in labor.  I have worked the majority of the daytime hours along with some evening hours.  There is part time staff working in the evenings as well.  I’m trying to keep the clubhouse open on set hours to keep a schedule for the public.
I have experienced some issues with the simulator, but it is currently working great.  The tech support, from SkyTrak, had me delete the previous 64 gb software and reload it in 32 gb.  This has eliminated any of the errors we experienced and made the simulator operate more efficiently and accurately.
The 2019/20 budget has been one of my top priorities the past couple of weeks.  I updated the 2018 Five Year Business Plan during this process.  Some of the line items such as payroll, salaries, insurance, etc will be entered by Brian W during the budget process.  I have entered them as close estimates in this form.  It is attached below along with our annual season pass information on sheet 2:
We have lost a lot of our snow on the golf course.  I have toured the course a couple of times and everything looks to be in fine shape.  The sod on #16 looks great and will continue to be evaluated.  The greens had plenty of moisture heading into the cold season and still look nice.  I will continue to evaluate the course every few days.  Water will be hauled to any areas in need during these evaluations.

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