The simulator golf season saw a fair amount of activity this past week.  There were a few golfers during the week days as well as a large group on Saturday night.  It has slowly been gaining more support as more and more golfers hear about it.  I wish it was busy every day but that has not been the case.  The revenue has supported the part time staffing in the clubhouse, however.
Since the golf course has the golf simulator and will be open during the off season, moving into the future, I have been looking at our clubhouse policies.  I have shared this information with Amanda, for review and presentation to the city council.  This will be coming in the near future.
I toured the golf course three separate days, during the past week.  I’m still comfortable with the turf conditions but the lack of snow cover is definitely a concern.  There is still adequate moisture in all the greens that I checked.  The course will continue to be monitored and any manual watering will be performed as it becomes necessary.
Equipment maintenance is always a huge off season process.  Each piece of equipment is completely gone through making necessary repairs, cleaning, and servicing.  It also includes sharpening the reels and bedknives on every machine.
The reel sharpening and bedknife grinding began this past week.  The reels and bedknives must have a true edge, on each, to perform a high quality cut on the turfgrass.  If there is not a high quality cut, it causes the grass blade to be torn off rather than a clean cut.  This causes a lot of stress which can lead to disease or even turf loss in an extreme instance.
Lastly, I have spent some personal time working on the history of the Spencer Municipal Golf Course.  I’m not just talking the golf course since the City purchased it, but the land as it dates back beyond the years.  I am a committed member of the Historic Preservation Commission and I feel the golf course is a huge part of the history of Spencer.  This is going to be a lengthy process and I look forward to sharing it with our community in the future.

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